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High Barrier Stand Up Pouches

High barrier Stand Up Pouches Introduction: The High barrier stand up pouch is a flexible laminated packaging that can supply a longer shelf life than traditional plastic laminated packaging and also can be withstand thermal processing. It has the advantage of offering the shelf stability like...

High barrier Stand Up Pouches


The High barrier stand up pouch is a flexible laminated packaging that can supply a longer shelf life than traditional plastic laminated packaging and also can be withstand thermal processing. It has the advantage of offering the shelf stability like metal cans barrier function, coupled with the nutrient value associated with frozen foods. The high barrier pouch has been considered the most significant milestone in food packaging since the metal can achieved, and has the potential to become a feasible alternative to the metal can and glassware.

Haide / Color Leader High barrier Stand Up Pouches feature thick barrier materials that protect items from moisture, gas, and odor. Each pouch is heat sealable and after being sealed it also has a convenient tear notch. The front and back panels give ample space for labels which are designed to cover more shelf space which will make your product more prominent. Choose from multiple foil colors, as well as Kraft and clear. The foil and Kraft bags are foil on the inside while the clear bags are clear throughout. The ‘C’ shaped bottom gusset makes the pouch stand up straight while increase the volume.


Haide / Color Leader High barrier Stand Up Pouch Packaging advantage,

 ● 2-3 years shelf life and safe usage.

 ● 121, 125, 130, 135 Centigrade sterilization with pressure condition, compatible for custom retort pot maximum sterilizing 80 mins.

 ● Foil doy pouch with high barrier transparent bottom gusset or transparent window application available

 ● Anti-pin hole function by Soft and flat handling material technique

 ● Pre-formed Pouches or In-line Formed retort able Roll Stock

Characteristics essential to a satisfactory Haide / Color Leader high barrier stand up pouches are:

 ● Low oxygen permeability

 ● Low moisture permeability

 ● Resistant to penetration by fats, oils and other food components

 ● Absence of solvent residues

 ● Bonding materials for the laminates migration level must be within regulation

 ● Physical strength to resist physical abuse (i.e., tearing, pin-holing, fatigue, impact and abrasion) during packing, retorting, storage and logistic 

Our testing condition for every perfect high barrier pouch,

 ● Visual Examination

 ● Static Load Burst Test

 ● Internal Burst Test

 ● Tensile Testing

 ● Residual Air Test - Destructive Test

 ● Penetration Dye Test

 ● Incubation Aging Test

 ● GC (Gas Chromatograph) Test

Custom-engineered Foil high barrier stand up pouches

Foil is one of several materials used in flexible packaging that provides excellent barrier properties, preventing from light, canned retort and after all longer shelf life. Haide packaging have exceptional capabilities in manufacturing foil laminates pre-formed stand up pouches with world top-class laminator. We’re able to design custom-engineer high barrier foil stand up pouches that meet stringent barrier requirements with a wide variety of specialized barrier properties by varies production request likes retort, aroma barrier, packing efficiency, anti pinhole, etc.  

The clear high barrier laminations for the bottom gusset of foil stand up pouches we patented applied could effectively solve the gusset foil pin-hole problem by the retortable duel layer coated Aluminum Oxide coated film structure. This could also be applied to improve the vacuum pouch wrinkle pin-hole situation by either high barrier PET or better barrier Nylon lamination instead. We save our clients a lot of money by these successful packaging solution.


Custom-engineered Clear high barrier stand up pouches

Haide / Color Packaging also have expertise in engineering non-foil high-barrier flexible packaging materials using sophisticated co-extruded film laminates. We cooperated with world brand high barrier film suppliers, especially Japanese in the last two decades who supply us a variety of specialized top quality and stable high barrier retort laminates level film. We also apply America and Chinese economy high barrier film with different OTR/WVTR barrier grade film to supply in house client’s with more option and competitive alternative. So with these multi-layer solutions, we could make economy and longer shelf life flexible packaging than any other competitors. We could make eye-catching window on clear barrier stand up pouches than foil barrier stand up pouch while keep within the same standard for the shelf life.

Clear barrier film

Barrier Coating

OTR (cc/100in2/ 24 hrs)

MVTR (g/100in2/ 24 hrs)

Cost (10 to 1)


Aluminum Oxide Duel




PET-C (retort)

Aluminum Oxide Duel




PA-C (retort)

Aluminum Oxide Duel




PET-PIR (retort)

Aluminum Oxide Duel




PET-CS (retort)

Aluminum Oxide single





EVOH Sheet





Aluminum Oxide single









UNI-KPA (Boil)










Other barrier technology we also apply in custom printed roll stock like,

 ● High barrier Adhesive

 ● High barrier matte ink

 ● Anit-UV ink

 ● EVOH/PA/LLDPE extruded film 


Haide / Color Leader Packaging Clear High barrier roll film is suitable for below industries,

Oxygen barrier request food, Canned food, Military food, coffee, Baby food, Jelly, Pet treats, liquids, Sensitive detergents and daily chemical, medicine and pharmacy packaging, industrial packaging.


High Barrier Stand Up Pouch / Barrier Stand-up Pouch / Barrier doy pouch

Basic Structure and Multi-layer lamination


2 layers: (matte ink) Barrier PET / Barrier PA , ink and LLDPE / CPP

3 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Barrier PET / Barrier PA / one side VMPET / EVOH and LLDPE / CPP

4 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Foil/EVOH, Barrier PA / Barrier PET and LLDPE/CPP

Aluminum & Foil Retort

4 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Alu, PA and RCPP 121/135C

5 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, PA, Alu, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Transparent short shelf life

3 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Transparent Retort High Barrier

3 layers: (matte ink) PA, ink, Barrier PET/PA and RCPP 121/135C

       (matte ink) Barrier PET/PA, ink, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Kraft Paper Laminated

3 layers: (matte ink) PET/matte BOPP, ink, Kraft and LLDPE

4 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Kraft, Barrier PET / EVOH / PA / one side VMPET / and LLDPE / CPP

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