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Stand-up Zipper Pouches

Foil Stand Up Pouch

Foil Stand up Pouch Aluminium foil, often referred to with the misnomer tin foil, is aluminium prepared in thinmetal leaves with a thickness less than 0.2 mm, thinner gauges down to 6 micrometres. The foil for laminated films and pre-made pouch are 6.5, 7 or 9 micrometres commonly used. Foil is...

Foil Stand up Pouch


Aluminium foil, often referred to with the misnomer tin foil, is aluminium prepared in thinmetal leaves with a thickness less than 0.2 mm, thinner gauges down to 6 micrometres. The foil for laminated films and pre-made pouch are 6.5, 7 or 9 micrometres commonly used. Foil is one of several materials used in flexible packaging that provides excellent barrier properties, preventing from light, canned retort and after all longer shelf life.

A Foil Stand up Pouch is a sealed plastic bag that is designed to stand upright with Aluminum foil laminated film. Foil stand-up pouch (Doypack) is an extremely practical and robust packaging which is gaining in popularity for a broad range of products in needs of light, Moisture and Oxygen barrier. With their ability to stand securely on shelves, Foil stand up pouches have long been used as an excellent replacement for traditional bag-in-box packaging. This trend only continuing to grow and stand-up pouches are as popular as ever. Each of Haide / Color Leader foil Stand up pouch / foil doy pouch comes equipped with a convenient tear notch and zip closure and the wide front and back panels for branding and artwork design.


Haide / Color Leader foil Stand up pouches / foil doy pouches advantage

 ● Economy and stable performance.

 ● Soft peeling with no hassle

 ● Good sealing strength in low as well as in high temperatures.

 ● Large heat-seal temperature range. Provides a secure and optimal sealing strength in low to high heat-seal temperatures.

 ● Wide temperature range in application from deep freeze environments to retort.

 ● Rigidity and smooth tension enables easy processing and cutting accuracy and efficiency.

 ● Efficient dry laminating and solvent free laminating performance.

 ● Flatness and strong lamination after the retort performance.

 ● Patent Low temperature sealing zipper makes better performance of the flatness of the zipper edge sealing while stronger sealing and durability.

 ● Great capacity and efficiency manufacturing of shaped die-cut stand up pouches with zipper

 ● Free style of laser scoring of any direction and shape on foil pouch.

 ● Light packaging for the longest shelf life than rigid packaging to protect the environment.

 ● Perfect and fine matte Vanish or Gloss effort provide best brand promotion. 

Haide / Color Leader packaging have exceptional capabilities in manufacturing foil laminates with foil adhesive coating instead of plastic film coating by Bobst CL850D world class laminator. We’re able to design custom-engineer foil packaging that meet stringent barrier requirements. Wide variety of specialized functional inner sealing material could promote the sealing speed, stability and lower defect ratio.

The foil stand-up pouch has optional resealable system such as zipper, slider, degassing valve, or a spout and screw closure for power, pasty or liquid products. Tear notch, laser scoring as easy opening system and hang hole can also be integrated without difficulty in the pouch type to achieve improved handling characteristics and optimum positioning in retail shelving.

The foil stand-up pouch would be made of customer laminated film or pouch making on line by the packing machine in form of pre-made roll stock, crown sealed either thermally or ultrasonics.

Types & other names:

Foil stand up pouch / Foil pouch / Foil retort stand up pouch / Foil Bottom gusset pouch



3 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, foil and LLDPE / CPP

4 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, foil, PA and LLDPE/CPP


4 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Foil, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Kraft Paper Laminated

4 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Kraft, Foil and LLDPE / CPP

5 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Kraft, Foil, PA and LLDPE / CPP

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