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Stand Up Pouches

Vertical bags provide the ideal container for a variety of solid, liquid and powered foods as well as non-food products. Food grade laminates help to make your food fresher, and ample surface areas provide the perfect billboard for your brand to display attractive logos and graphics. Expect significant savings in shipping costs as vertical pouches take up the least amount of space on storage and shelves.
Stand Up Pouches is one of the best display packaging options for your bulk items. These stand-up pouches are individually supported, with durable bottom gussets and can be perfectly sealed with a zip closure to keep all product internal seals as possible.
We have several sizes and obstacles to choose from. From our high-transparency, high-barrier bags to every product, to our higher barrier metal bags, the colors are memorable and ready for the brand, we offer all types of zipper upright bags for your bulk products.
Replace old packaging with new innovative and environmentally friendly packaging and flexible bags. We offer a wide range of vertical bags: laminated zip pockets, coffee bags/bags, foil pouches, rice paper pouches, window pockets, retort pouches and kraft paper vertical pouches.
As one of Stand Up Pouches manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.