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Clear Spout Pouches

These transparent spouts are designed to give you complete ease of use and visibility. Whether you add to these bags, you can view the contents of the bag. The top of the pouch is fitted with a small cap system that keeps the contents of the pouch safe and provides a complete, spill-free solution. This provides a leak-free and powerful seal option.
Clear Spout Pouches can be easily filled with a funnel tube so you don't get confused. Also, when you start filling the pouches, you'll see how they create a standing position for yourself so you can manage them with one hand. Once you've filled them all the way to the top, just use the lid to fix the content.
The perfect solution for your kitchen needs, for camping, picnics, lunch boxes and more.
The spray pocket is used to package liquid items and is safer than containers due to the leak-proof packaging material used to produce the package. They are able to provide safe and leak-proof storage for several products from different industries, including spice packaging, fruit puree packaging, sugar packaging, salt packaging, ketchup packaging, pasta sauce packaging, yogurt packaging, ready-to-drink tea and coffee packaging, etc.
As one of Clear Spout Pouches manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.