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Transparent Retort Pouch

The retort pouch is a flexible, laminated food package that can withstand heat treatment. It has the advantage of providing storage stability of metal cans and the texture and nutritional value associated with frozen foods. Due to the metal can, the retort pouch is considered to be the most important advancement in food packaging and may be a viable alternative to metal cans and glass cans.
The choice of materials used to make the retort pouch is very important. The package must prevent photodegradation, moisture changes, microbial invasion, oxygen ingress and packaging interactions. The material must have good structural integrity and be able to withstand distillation temperatures as well as normal handling abuse. It must also meet regulatory requirements.
Benefits of Haide Retort Pouch
● Direct to oven/microwave from freezer or fridge
● Cook healthy meals in minutes, steam food right in your microwave
● Comes with cooking time suggestions and instructions
● Bag is heat-sealed with contents inside, so is odour and leak-proof
● Strong sealing and leakage-proof as priority of every retorted flexible packaging
● 121, 135 Centigrade sterilization with pressure condition
● 2-3 years shelf life and safe usage
● Anti-pin hole function by both clear barrier filming lamination or barrier adhesive technique
● Pre-formed Pouches or In-line Formed retort able Roll Stock
● Perfect for vegetables, meat, or fish - 100% BPA FREE
As one of Transparent Retort Pouch manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.