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Foil Retort Pouches

Retort Food Packaging

Retort Food Packaging Haide / Color Leader are Retort food Packaging expert, our advantage as, Strong sealing and leakage-proof as priority of every retorted flexible packaging. 121, 125, 130, 135 Centigrade sterilization with pressure condition, compatible for custom retort pot maximum...

Retort Food Packaging

Haide / Color Leader are Retort food Packaging expert, our advantage as,

 ● Strong sealing and leakage-proof as priority of every retorted flexible packaging.

 ● 121, 125, 130, 135 Centigrade sterilization with pressure condition, compatible for custom retort pot maximum sterilizing 80 mins.

 ● 2-3 years shelf life and safe usage.

 ● Aluminum Foil 4-5 layers structure or Transparent plastic high barrier 3 layers material up to 2 years shelf life technology.

 ● Foil doy pouch with high barrier transparent bottom gusset or transparent window application available

 ● Anti-pin hole function by Soft and flat handling material technique

 ● Pre-formed Pouches or In-line Formed retort able Roll Stock


The retort pouch is a flexible laminated packaging that can withstand thermal processing. It has the advantage of offering the shelf stability like metal cans, coupled with the nutrient value associated with frozen foods. The retort pouch has been considered the most significant milestone in food packaging since the metal can achieved, and has the potential to become a feasible alternative to the metal can and glassware.

The U.S. Army promoted the concept of flexible retort pouches for use in battle field rations in the 1950's. The idea was to have a easy-to-pack, lightweight, long preservation, easy-to-take food container in order to replace the cumbersome traditional can. In 1965 the first commercial retort pouches were produced in Italy. In Japan, retort pouch technology has been widely accepted and there are many varied products on the shelf, ranging from sauced meal to soup.


Advantages compared to metal can,

 ● The thinner material structure permits a reduced sterilizing time and faster transfer to its critical point and thus less of a chance to overheat the product while producing better layout, firmer texture and less nutrient loss. Thus, for those food commodities subject to quality loss from excessive heating during the process cycle, the retort pouch offers higher quality together with better retention of the heat-sensitive nutrients.

 ● The thermal process is complex and experienced data measuring due to the number of critical processing parameters which must be monitored (e.g., gram weight, residual air, pouch layers and RCPP thickness, steam/air mixture).

 ● Flexible pouches are more economy to distribute and therefore have lower logistic costs and require less disposal space.

 ● Storage space for empty flexible pouches is also reduced.

 ● Artwork designed can be printed into the laminate permanently. 

Disadvantages for retort pouch in processing,

 ● Investment for the unique machinery for filling which would be slower and more complex compared to metal can lines.

 ● The thermal process (steam/air, steam, etc.) is also more complex for smaller manufacturer to master.

 ● The thermal process is complex due to the number of critical processing parameters which must be monitored and special racking systems may need to be set up in order to provide optimal heating media flow and prevent pouch to pouch contact.

 ● Testing equipment such as a burst tester, or a tensile tester is required for detection and integrity evaluation.

 ● Pouches require over-wrapping for distribution.

Characteristics essential to a satisfactory retort pouch are:

 ● Low oxygen permeability

 ● Low moisture permeability

 ● Resistant to penetration by fats, oils and other food components

 ● Physical strength to resist physical abuse (i.e., tearing, pin-holing, fatigue, impact and abrasion) during packing, retorting, storage and logistic

 ● Absence of solvent residues.

 ● Bonding materials for the laminates migration level must be within regulation.

Our testing condition for every perfect retort pouch,

 ● Visual Examination

 ● Static Load Burst Test

 ● Internal Burst Test

 ● Tensile Testing

 ● Residual Air Test - Destructive Test

 ● Penetration Dye Test

 ● Incubation Aging Test

 ● GC (Gas Chromatograph) Test 


Haide / Color Leader retort pouch or roll stock is suitable for canned retort food likes Fish, Sea food, Meat, Sauce meal, Soup, Vegetable, Fruit can/cup, Pet snack, etc.

It also has variety application for Military, Prison food, Church & Charity’s Succour, Space meal, etc.


Retort Pouch / Retort Food Packaging / Canned food retort pouch / Steaming pouch

Standard and certification

BRC Packaging, GB/T10004-2008, GB9685-2016, FSSC22000/ISO22000:2015, ISO9001:2015, FDA/FCS/USDA/CFIA

Basic Structure and Multi-layer lamination

Aluminum Foil Retort

4 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Alu, PA and RCPP 121/135C

5 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, PA, Alu, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Transparent short shelf life

3 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Transparent Retort High Barrier

3 layers: (matte ink) PA, ink, Barrier PET/PA and RCPP 121/135C

       (matte ink) Barrier PET/PA, ink, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Oxygen Barrier

Foil Oxgen Barrier (OTR) <0.005 cc/m2/24hrs

Transparent Oxygen barrier (OTR)  <0.1, <1, <2, <4, <6cc/m2/24hrs

Moisture Barrier

Foil Moisture Barrier (WVTR) <0.005 g/m3/24hrs

Transparent Moisture barriers (WVTR) <0.1g/m3, <0.4g/m3, <1.0g/m3, <2.0g/m3, <4.0g/m3/24hrs

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