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Foil Retort Pouches

Ready to Eat Food Packaging

Ready-to-Eat food packaging / Ready-made meal packaging



Ready-to-eat meals as result of the newly developed and introduced sterilization technologies. In these days the product is often branded as “ready meal”, because the feature words isn’t valid as many a modern “ready meal” needs a little bit more treatment by the consumer than the traditional ready-to-eat meals, which only needed a few minutes microwaving. But few consumers want to go back to the traditionally prepared and presented microwaveable “ready-to-eat” meals after they have experienced the results of the new sterilization technologies.

Today it isn’t solely the young generation who travel more and are consequently confronted with and experiencing foreign influences and its food kitchens. Certainly Baby-Boomers and the recently retired they might not have the time on their hands to cook a full meal and they might not have the culinary expertise to prepare these kinds of foods, but they like to show off and share their culinary view with their friends. This means that just putting something flat-tasting in the microwave for thirty seconds, isn’t on their list. It isn’t necessarily about speed of preparation but rather to come up with something special and still have time left to share with your friends. Ready meals are increasingly seen as a way of getting more from the time spent preparing.


Ready-to-Eat food packaging

In terms of packaging, ready-to-eat meals have been using the tray as one of the most popular formats either using a modified atmosphere or gas flushing on fresh ingredients. Once the trays have been filled, they are sealed and then tested for any leaks to ensure product integrity at all times.

In recent times, there has been a plethora of other packaging formats used for fresh meal kits including stand-up pouches and rigid plastics pots but the traditional, more high volume ready meal continued to be packed in trays. Often, after filling the trays proceed to an autoclave for retorting to provide a shelf life of 3 to 12 months.

Sterilization by retorting in an autoclave always has been seen as a quality and taste killer. The long processing time and the high temperature are negatively influencing the quality of the product. It is no surprise that in the last few years we have seen a whole range of alternatives for retorting and consequently an uplifting of the quality and taste of the natural ingredients in today’s ready meals.


Haide / Color Leader are Ready-to-eat Food Packaging expert, our advantage as,

 ● Strong sealing and leakage-proof as priority of every retorted flexible packaging.

 ● 121, 125, 135 Centigrade sterilization with pressure condition, compatible for custom retort pot maximum sterilizing 60 mins.

 ● Barrier retortable structure for up to 2 years shelf life.

 ● Foil doy pouch with high barrier transparent bottom gusset or transparent window application available

 ● Anti-pin hole function by both clear barrier filming lamination or barrier adhesive technique.

 ● Pre-formed Pouches or In-line Formed retort able Roll Stock

Advantages compared to metal can,

 ● Flexible pouches are more economy to distribute and therefore have lower logistic costs and require less disposal space.

 ● Storage space for empty flexible pouches is also reduced.

 ● The thinner material structure permits a reduced sterilizing time and faster transfer to its critical point and thus less of a chance to overheat the product while producing better layout. 

 ● Offers higher quality together with better retention of the heat-sensitive nutrients.

 ● The thermal process is complex and experienced data measuring due to the number of critical processing parameters which must be monitored (e.g., gram weight, residual air, pouch layers and RCPP thickness, steam/air mixture).

 ● Artwork designed can be printed into the laminate permanently. 

Clear High Barrier Lamination:

We introduced the Japanese clear high barrier film since the year 2002 which technology brings food packaging more options for long shelf life, transparent retort available, microwavable pouches to replace foil pouch in food packaging solutions.

Bacteria Inhibiting film Technology:

Haide Packaging as the leader company in flexible packaging industry who has the patented filming technology of Bacteria Inhibiting filming application on food packaging, large scale applied by industrial clients in form of roll films and custom pouches, and dramatically changing the sterilization method of retort, boil or pasteurization with reliable supplement that certain content can be boiled with this technology to substitute retort, making a much easier retort pouch while keep better taste and flavour.


Haide / Color Leader ready-to-eat food packaging is suitable for prepared meal, Sauced rice, Sauce meal, Soup, Vegetable, Fruit can/cup, Military food, Prison food, Church & Charity’s Succour, Space meal, etc.


Ready-to-Eat food packaging / Ready-made meal packaging / Prepared meal packaging

Basic Structure and Multi-layer lamination

3 layers: (matte ink) PA, ink, Barrier PET/PA and RCPP 121/135C

       (matte ink) Barrier PET/PA, ink, PA and RCPP 121/135C

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