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What Is Aluminum-plastic Composite Bag

Dec 29, 2017

Plastic composite bag is a package of advantages of a variety of packaging products, low cost, beautifully printed; the product has: anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof oxygen shading, cold resistance to oil and high temperature, fresh insulation easy sealing characteristics.

Types of aluminum-plastic composite bags:

1. According to the material structure can be divided into: pure aluminum compound bag, aluminum clad bag two kinds of (including paper aluminum composite bag) Pure Aluminum composite bag: opp/al/pe;pet/al/pe. Aluminum clad bag: pet/vmpet/pe;vmpet/cpp.

2. According to function can be divided into: anti-static shielding electronic products packaging bags, UV-resistant products such as packaging bags.

3. According to the process structure can be divided into: two-layer composite, three-storey composite and four-layer composite, material structure can be combined according to customer requirements. Two-layer composite: Opp/vmpet;vmpet/pe and so on, (the above structure is often used in toy packaging), opp/vmcpp, (often used in biscuit packaging), three-layer composite: matopp/vmpet/pe;opp/vmpet/pe, (often used in mask bag); PTT Vmpet/pe, etc., (often used in shampoo bags) four-layer composite: PET/NY/VMPET/PE, etc., generally add nylon film to increase the softness of the composite bag.

4. According to the bag type can be divided into: three-side seal, self-reliance bag, independent suction pouch, special-shaped self-supporting bag, box bag, special packaging bags.

Aluminum-plastic composite bag product features: High smoothness, bright color printing, can be equipped with zippers, local matte, bronzing and other special processes. Unique design, new printing technology, highlighting the design and trademark effects, can design special trademarks or patterns, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect. More can highlight the product high-grade, different shelf effect. Aluminum-plastic composite bag featured products are: vacuum aluminum foil bag, yin-yang aluminum foil bag, electrostatic shielding bag, mesh static bag, anti-static bag, static electroplating aluminum bags and all kinds of daily, industrial labels; applied to industrial packaging, daily chemical packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military and other fields , the life of the common aluminum bag products have the following varieties: self-reliance food packaging bag, vacuum food packaging bag, independent suction mouth beverage bag, special-shaped self-supporting food bag, box of red wine liquid bag, high temperature cooking food bag, aluminum foil tea coffee bag, anti-static electrostatic shielding electronic product bag, anti-UV daily chemicals bag, self-supporting hook sport portable water bag, Paste the bone Zipper file bag, milk soya-bean juice bag, etc.