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What Are The Characteristics Of Self-supporting Bag Packaging?

Dec 29, 2017

Self-supporting packaging bag is now the most fire of a packaging bag, but the shape of the independent packaging bag is also a variety of independent packaging according to the different edges can be divided into four sides sealed bags, three-side sealing bags. Self-supporting packaging bags are also divided into packaged solids, liquid. Packaging bags are generally to see what the nature of packaged food, and then decide the packaging material and shape.

Self-supporting packaging bags with excellent sealing and composite strength, with easy rupture and leakage, with light weight, less material consumption, easy to transport and other advantages. At the same time, packaging materials with anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, blocking oxygen and moisture, easy to seal and other high-performance.

Self-supporting bags are resistant to chemical erosion, shiny, partially transparent or translucent. Mostly good insulators.

Self-supporting zipper bags are lightweight and tightly fastened. Can be produced in large quantities and at a low price.

Self-supporting zipper bag multi-function, many practical, easy to color, as well as some high temperature.

At present, the self-help bag is fast and safe, while beautiful and generous. Safe and secure independent packaging bags can make our products in the transport process to ensure product transport safety, reduce transport risk.

At the same time, independent packaging bag Hot seal fastness, pressure and fall, even if it is accidentally dropped from the high place will not cause the bag body rupture, leakage, greatly improve product safety.