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Side-end Paper Bag Machine Helps Packaging Enterprises To Get Rid Of The Artificial Trouble

Dec 29, 2017

Handbags are commonly used in people's daily life products, but also the replacement of plastic bags, the best alternative to eliminate white pollution.

The original production of the handbag is mainly in advance printing, die-cutting, artificial paste bag way to produce, but this way production efficiency is low, can not meet the demand of large-scale production. Subsequently, the manufacturers of European and American developed countries began to design and produce automated paper bag Paper bag machine, after China's reform and opening-up, these European and American developed countries in the paper bag-making machine began to enter the Chinese market.

However, foreign products are good, but expensive, after-sales service, maintenance efficiency is low, still can not fully meet the needs of domestic enterprises. It is to see the big business opportunities in the bag machine market, Wuxi Nanjiang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., led by a group of domestic manufacturers began to enter the production field of bag-making machine. After years of development, Nanjiang packaging Machinery has formed a series of bag-making machine product line, can meet the packaging enterprise paper bag production needs, and Nanjiang HD-200-type web paper four-side paper bag machine, is the Nanjiang series of products in a classic type.

The introduction of Nanjiang HD-200 type reel side-end portable paper bag machine completely change the hand bag processing relies on artificial situation, in the current soaring labor costs in the large environment, Nanjiang HD-200-type reel side-end portable paper bag machine is packaging and printing enterprises to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, better open up the market ideal choice.