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Self-supporting Bag Capping Filler

Dec 29, 2017

Self-supporting bag can be upright, good shelf display, elegant, easy to use consumers, is currently the most innovative liquid soft packaging, the perfect form of packaging. General shops and canteens, such as by the site and investment restrictions, independent bag of soy milk only factory can produce, the company in the first launch of the shop for small batch production of soy milk bag filling machine.

Product Features:

1, matching pump, the whole machine adopts pneumatic, mechanical transmission combination.

2, filling quantitative adjustable, quantitative accurate, no splash, no leakage.

3, with the material contact parts and fuselage are made of stainless steel materials, product hygiene, bright and clean machine.

7, the whole machine is small, do not need to install, connect the power supply can be produced.

8, the machine simple and convenient operation, simple structure, low price, has applied for a number of patent protection.