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Application Of Cover Film

Dec 29, 2017

Some arid areas of Hebei Province in China, in order to timely sowing peanuts, cotton, the use of a zengcuoan, artificial entropy, zengcuoan watering, sowing, soil suppression, covering plastic film, promote entropy, spring entropy, lint production 20–40%, peanut yield increase 50-60%. In order to solve the unfavorable factors such as low spring temperature, short frost-free period and spring, in spring soil vitrification, deep, fertilization, mulch mulching and planting, or artificially adding entropy when soil insufficiency, drought-resistant sowing, the average yield of peanut in large area increased by 45%. In some severe drought, 7-September rainfall of less than 100 mm area, 260,000 mu of peanuts averaged 217 kg per mu, production yield reached 132.6%. Yichun of Heilongjiang Province over the years because of low temperature, drought can not grow peanuts, the use of plastic mulch to obtain more than 150 kg per mu of peanuts.

In the arid and alpine area of Inner Mongolia, the spring temperature is low, the sand is big, the rainfall is few, the crops such as planting vegetable, grain, tobacco, fruit and flower are affected by the climate greatly, and the cultivation of the fruit vegetables in the greenhouse is 2-10 days earlier, and the increase of 30-70% is increased In the field of 12 kinds of vegetables covered in the field, early production (early) 16.8-215%, the increase in Mu 24.6-150%. The soil salinization of the old vegetable plots in suburban areas is serious, and the mulch can reduce the salinity of soil surface. Chifeng County saline-alkali soil, eggplant film covers 86%. The yield of 26-33% increased with the increase of sugar content and 1.2-1.5%. The yield of tobacco leaf per mu increased 27.8%, corn yield increased by 32.9%, Hulun Buir Meng Zalantun film covered aster, evening primrose and other six kinds of flowers, so that early flowering, flower branches, flowers bright colors.

Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province, LongDong Spring, Longnan nanshan Water and arid central areas of plastic film covering cultivation, are the performance of heat preservation, moisture conservation, fertilizer, inhibit weeds, reduce pests and diseases, precocity and increase production. More than 10 kinds of vegetables increase 30-70%, melon production increase 30–50%, lint production 30–40%, flue-cured tobacco, peanut, sugar beet and so on increased production of about 50%.