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The function of the suction bag

                                   The biggest advantage of the suction pouch relative to the common packing form is portability. The suction pouch can be conveniently placed in the backpack and even pockets, and can be reduced with the content of the volume, more convenient to carry. At present, soft drink packaging in the market to pet bottles, composite aluminum paper bags, cans as the main form, in the homogenization of the increasingly obvious competition today, packaging improvement is undoubtedly a powerful means of differential competition. The suction pouch combines the repeated packaging of pet bottles with the fashion of composite aluminum paper packs, at the same time in the printing performance also has a traditional beverage packaging can not compare the advantages, because the use of the basic shape of the bag suction mouth bag is significantly larger than the size of pet bottles, and better than can not stand a type of Lee Pillow packaging. Of course, because the suction bag belongs to the soft packaging category so it is not suitable for carbonated beverage packaging, but in fruit juices, dairy products, health drinks, jelly food and so on has a unique advantage.