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Cover film

In the 20th century century, with the development of plastics industry, especially the emergence of agricultural plastic film, some industrialized countries use plastic film covering the ground, the production of vegetables and other crops have good results. Japan began to study and use from 1948, the first in 1955 to be used in strawberry cover production, and to promote, the 1965 officially launched a study

In 1977, 1.2 million hectares of dryland crops (including vegetables [1]) were made in Japan, covering more than 200,000 hectares of land, which accounted for 16% of the cultivated area of upland crops. The area covered by land covers 93% of the protected land. The ground cover cultivation in Japan is more used in vegetable and other cash crops with high output value and great benefit. In the 1961, France began experimenting with film cultivation in the southeastern part of the country to cover melon crops. In Italy, the main crops, such as vegetables, strawberries, coffee and tobacco, were cultivated in 1965. The United States began to cover cotton with black film in the late 60. In the Soviet Union, the film was mainly cultivated in the low temperature arid season to improve the ground temperature and reduce the land evaporation.