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We have set a lofty sustainability goal to help you achieve your goals. Our award-winning technology is shelf stable, environmentally friendly, cost effective and appealing to environmentally conscious pet owners. It is truly biodegradable and will only collapse in an active landfill environment. Moist or moist pet food does not cause biodegradation. If recyclability is important to your brand and customers, it also offers recyclable flexible bags and biodegradable/recyclable flexible bags with comprehensive features and options. Click here to view our full range of sustainable and green packaging options.
Each style is made according to its unique content, and different film combinations are laminated together to form the correct barrier properties. Packed with our pet products, your product protects against moisture, vapors, odors and punctures. This means that lucky pets get the full flavor and texture you want.
As with all our products, you can rest assured that your pet food packaging meets our strict standards:
FDA approved food grade materials
Water-based ink
ISO and QS quality levels
Excellent print quality regardless of order size
Recyclable and landfill friendly
As one of Pet Food Packaging manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.