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Spices Pack

Spices Pack Haide / Color Leader packaging provides flexible Packaging for Your Most Flavorful Products. Spices and seasonings add tremendous flavor to your customers’ favorite dishes, but to work their magic, Spice Packaging must be fresh. Haide / Color Leader packaging Spices Pack can protect...

Spices Pack


Haide / Color Leader packaging provides flexible Packaging for Your Most Flavorful Products.

Spices and seasonings add tremendous flavor to your customers’ favorite dishes, but to work their magic, Spice Packaging must be fresh. Haide / Color Leader packaging Spices Pack can protect your spices and seasonings with stand up pouches.


Haide / Color Leader Spices Pack advantages,

 ● Enhance your consumers’ experience with portable, recloseable and flexible pouches

 ● Easy to open and empty completely-resulting in less food waste when compared to cans, glass and rigid formats.

 ● With a variety of sizes, shapes, spouted options and finishes, customize the format that’s suitable for your dressing, sauce or condiment package.

 ● Clear pouch films are available helping consumers to see the quality of your product.


We give you the flexibility to choose the best size, style, and features for your spices. Choose from options like gas release valves, heavy duty ziplocks, tear notches, pour spouts, and hang holes, as well as different styles that give you plenty of room to bring your brand to life.

No matter what type of packaging you choose for your spices and seasonings, one thing remains the same: quality. All of our stand up pouches will protect your product from hazards like puncture, moisture, odor, and more, guaranteeing that your seasonings and spices make it safely from the warehouse to your customers’ taste buds.


Spice and Seasoning Packaging that’s Fast and Fresh

Freshness is paramount when using seasonings and spices. Haide / Color Leader Spices Packs make it fast and easy to design and deliver the right packaging for your product. You can provide us with artwork or work with our in-house design team to create it from scratch. Once your design is approved, you'll receive your customers’ packaging as soon as possible.

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