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Food Packaging Supplies

Nuts Packaging

Nuts Packaging


Haide / Color Leader packaging is a corporate enterprise business that started in 1992. We discover print techniques to build brand impressions and create engaging consumer experiences.


Haide / Color Leader nuts Packaging benefits,

 ● extured Inks

Textured Inks for nuts Packaging

Attain a natural, made by hand look and feel with textured inks for fresh, organic products.

reflective metalized product packaging

 ● Metallized Films and Foils for Product Packaging

Create an eye-catching package on shelf with highly reflective, metallized packaging materials.

 ● Matte Paper finish films for nut packaging

Kraft Paper Finish Films for nut Packaging

Get the organic, hand-wrapped appearance of paper with high performing flexible packaging with matte films and inks.

 ● Matte/Gloss Effects for nut Packaging

Achieve a rich surface finish and the contrast of registered high- and low-gloss effects with our matte lacquer system.

 ● Holographic Films and Images for nut Packaging

Add brightness to your product with three-dimensional holographic films and holographic images revealed by changes in light. 

 ● High-Barrier Metallized Sealant Films for Nut Packaging

Reach sustainability goals by using up to 30% less material than traditional 3-ply films. This high-barrier metallized sealant film is ideal for applications from pre-made pouches to form/fill/seal packages, and replaces materials such as metallized OEPT, OPP or foil.

 ● Open-and-Reclose Technologies for Consumer Convenience

Offer effortless opening and closing convenience for your nuts.From press-to-close zippers to sliders, find formats fro almost any packaging configuration, material or packaging equipment.

 ● Pre-Made and Rollstock Pouches for Snacks and Nuts

Deliver portability and consumer convenience while standing out on shelf with flexible pouches for your nut products. Respond to millennial trends, such as see-through packaging and resealability, with a variety of flexible pouch shapes, sizes and finishes.

Haide / Color Leader Nuts Packaging character,

Our nuts packaging delivers convenience and portability, while prominently standing out on store shelves. Exceed your customer’s expectations with a resealable zipper closure, a clear view window to see the contents, and the ultimate satisfaction of fresh tasting nuts. Haide / Color Leader packaging consultants are here to assist you around the clock. You can contract us directly.

Professional production

OEM/ODM customization




0.07 mm, 0.12 mm, etc


Three edges; Three side sealing zipper bags; Three edge sealing upright zipper bag; Three sides seal upright zipper

Manufacturer specialized in OEM/ODM order, according to the customer's actual requirements, and the characteristics of the product, with the right materials, specifications, thickness, and selected in accordance with the product bag type, etc., and combined with our long-term production experience, fully satisfy customers' special customized OEM quality in your customers’ nuts food packaging requirements.

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