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Military Canned Food Packaging

Military canned food packaging The military canned food packaging is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging bought by national military for its service members for use in every army combat field or training conditions where organized food facilities and supplies are...

Military canned food packaging


The military canned food packaging is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging bought by national military for its service members for use in every army combat field or training conditions where organized food facilities and supplies are not available. While high barrier pouch should be kept fresh, they do not need to be refrigerated. High barrier retort pouch replaced the can and any other container for food and Meal, Individual rations. The military food could also been distributed to civilians during natural disasters to preserved as relief material and emergency food storage.


Haide packaging could realize every usage and condition for desirable military canned food packaging into reality:

lHigh barrier packaging can be lighter in weight and less expensive than foil pouches

lNo sharp corner

lPortable and easy opening

lSafe and long preservation

lProvide the ability to consider novel sterilization methods


The high-barrier pouch will decrease the permeation of oxygen and water molecules through packaging materials, thus better preserving food freshness and better ensuring safety. The packaging will comply with the meal or ready-to-eat, requirement of maintaining about three-year shelf life. The packaging will maintain up to a five-year shelf life for space applications. Clear barrier Pouches is also available in case it needs to be microwaved or look to the content of inside.


Pouch Styles

Haide / Color leader Packaging makes military canned food in every form of flexible packaging you could find in this world. We could make 4 layers to 6 layers strong flexible packaging which depends on the content and usage condition. Common flat pouch, doy pouch, sachet pack, spout pouch with botom, gusset pouch and even box pouch with 8 sides sealed. It is all designed to makes better application for the military and preservation consideration. 

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