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Food Packaging Supplies

Food packaging can delay product deterioration, maintain processing benefits, extend shelf life, and maintain or improve food quality and safety.
Packaging and packaging labels have several goals
Physical Protection - Food inside the package may need to be protected from shock, vibration, compression, temperature, bacteria, etc.
Barrier protection - It is usually necessary to shield oxygen, water vapor, dust, etc. Penetration is a key factor in design. Some packages contain a desiccant or oxygen absorber to help extend the shelf life. A modified atmosphere or controlled atmosphere is also maintained in some food packaging. Keeping the contents clean, fresh and safe to achieve the desired shelf life is the main function.
Containment or agglomeration - Small items are usually grouped together in one package for effective handling. Liquid, powder and granular materials require sealing.
Information Transfer - Packaging and labeling convey how to use, transport, recycle or process packaging or products. The government requires certain types of information.
As one of Food Packaging Supplies manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.
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