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The purpose of designing a high barrier cover film is to provide a safe environment for the product, thereby extending its shelf life. In the packaging industry, high barrier film protects the integrity of the product and maintains product quality in the presence of water, moisture, flavor, oxygen, gas, aroma and light. The popularity of high barrier covers has increased due to its high weight properties, high performance and attractive packaging characteristics.
With 25 years of development and 100% focus on the flexible packaging industry, our tailored technical team has an in-depth understanding of the various tray and cup sealing equipment used. We use a special production control process to ensure that the trays and films are perfectly matched to very tight specifications. Print and mask duration and performance, peel strength, product sterilization methods, product respiration rate and resealability all play a role in cap film customization.
As one of Lidding Film manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.