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Stick Pack Film

Stick Pack / Stick Pack Packaging (Easy Opening) Stick packs (or stick pouches) provide a single-serve, convenient, portable package for on-the-go consumers. Usage of stick packs is projected to grow by 5 % per year through 2018. Named after its shape, Stick Pack is a nowadays most convenience...

Stick Pack / Stick Pack Packaging (Easy Opening)

Stick packs (or stick pouches) provide a single-serve, convenient, portable package for on-the-go consumers. Usage of stick packs is projected to grow by 5 % per year through 2018.

Named after its shape, Stick Pack is a nowadays most convenience small, easy to handle and ideal packaging style for “on-the-go” products. It is a popular choice for many power food & beverage, pharmaceutical and single-dose products. Stick pack is produced using flexible laminated film, and the “form-fill-sea” method of automatic packaging machine, which is suitable for a wide range of powders, granulated and even thick solid and liquid products. Dispensing the product from a stick pack is facilitated by its narrow, tubular shape with easy tear functional material. Another added benefit is that it use less film than other flexible or rigid package styles, so the impact on the environment is reduced. Haide / Color leader manufactured Stick Pack can be customized to meet diverse requirements in size, fill volume and various handling specifications.


Stick Packaging we are referring to the pouches created by running flexible packaging laminations on vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) equipment. Haide film laminations are trusted by the quality food brands and industrial usage packaging custom. Our custom-engineer Stick Pack Packaging is based on customer request product packaging formulations, life cycles, distribution condition and filling method & equipment.


Stick packs with poor tear propagation create mess and frustration for consumers. Haide / Color Leader Packaging stick pack film laminations are engineered for superior tear propagation, improving the consumer experience with easier opening and dispensing, also feature a high-slip sealant layer designed to seal through contamination, reducing scrap rates and improving production rates.

Haide / Color Leader Packs are ideal for many products, such as powdered drink mixes, sweeteners, vitamins & nutritionals. The packaging format requires 10% to 40% less flexible packaging material than equivalent rectangular pouches. We supplies several leading brands of drink mixes and dietary supplements with high-quality stick pack film laminations.

Haide / Color Leader Packaging stick pack laminations provide:

 ● Superior tear propagation

 ● High puncture resistance

 ● Excellent burst strength

 ● Ideal stiffness

 ● Ability to seal through contamination

 ● Perfect Matte and Glossy with high resolution gravure printing

 ● Precise, easy opening. Easy Tear function lamination film without Tear notch

 ● A larger aperture for more consistent pouring

 ● High Oxygen, moisture, or light barrier(high-barrier flexible packaging)

 ● Low coefficient of friction (ideal for certain types of filling equipment)

 ● Lower sealing temperature LLDPE for fastest packing speed

 ● Easy tear propagation

 ● Chemical resistance

 ● Options for lap and fin seal applications in a range of sizes

 ● Various opening features: tear notch or laser scoring (*by packing machine)


Haide / Color Leader Packaging Stick Packs are elongated, tube shaped paper packets sealed across and at both ends. We currently package Sauces and Jams, Spices, Condiments, Tea and Coffee. Not only is the slick design far more appealing than conventional pillow pouch packets but offers practical advantages including ease of opening and dispensing without spillage. Stick Packs are also friendlier to the environment as the paper content is half that of regular portion packets.

Stick Pack volume & Size

Material Type


5-50 g / 5 ml-50 ml

50 g-100 g / 50 ml-100 ml

100 g-500 g / 100 ml-500 ml

500 g- 5 kg / 500ml – 5 L


2 Layers






3 Layers

PET/ Aluminium Foil / LLDPE

PA / Foil / RCPP

PET / Barrier PET / RCPP



4 Layers

PET / Foil / PA / RCPP



  • Sauces & Jams

  • Spices & Condiments

  • Tea & Coffee

  • Others

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Shampoos & Conditioners

Face Packs & Gel

Hair Oil

Pharmaceuticals (Cream & Ointments)


Sealants & Adhesives

Lubricants & Solvents

The perfectly designed stick pouch for the on-the-go consumer:

Single-serve stick pouches are designed to let consumers prepare drinks on the go, without a mess. Haide Easy Tear technology on every layer of the lamination provide several degrees to control with pinpoint accuracy, both the placement and depth of the score on both lap and fin seal applications, without compromising the barrier. Stick length is available in a range of sizes: from .5to 8 grams, 25 mm and 40 mm wide, 120 and 200mm long.

Haide / Color Leader flexible packaging film laminations have run on many different types of equipment, and we’ll gladly work with you to ensure that your material runs well on your filling equipment of choice. An added benefit is the lower scrap rates and faster line speeds that are achieved when running our flexible packaging material on filling equipment, which can ultimately contribute to your bottom line. Our consistent pouch film laminations, exceptional service, and promised lead times planning have led to very high customer retention and satisfaction.


Bacteria Inhibiting film Technology:

Haide Packaging as the leader company in flexible packaging industry who has the patented filming technology of Bacteria Inhibiting extruded food contact film application on food & beverage packaging.

Types and other names:

Sachet Packaging Roll stock / Custom Printed Roll stock / Pouch Film Laminations / Easy Tear Packaging


Structure and Multi-layer lamination:

2 layers: (matte ink) barrier PET/PA, ink and LLDPE/CPP

3 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Barrier PET / PA / EVOH / AL and LLDPE/CPP

4 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Foil, PA and LLDPE/CPP


4 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Foil, PA and RCPP 121/135C

Kraft paper

4 layers:  (matte ink) PET / PA / BOPP, ink, Kraft, Barrier PET / PA and LLDPE

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