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Block Bottom Pouches

In the field of packaging, there are many ways to stand out. But Block Bottom Bag made a statement. It combines the advantages of traditional side gussets and stand-up pouches and rolls them into a narrow shelf that doesn't fall over and is placed like a box.
The bottom bezel bag looks sharp on the shelf and is ideal for packaging a variety of products, such as whole bean coffee or coffee powder. The Block Bottom Bags combine the functionality of a vertical pouch with the functionality of a side folding pocket.
Flexible Packaging offers a wide range of bottom bags that are ideal for both food and non-food products. These compact bottom pockets make efficient use of your valuable shelf space. They can also easily stand and show themselves. Our bottom bags come in a variety of different materials, colors and sizes, so you can put the perfect package together. Our kraft paper bottom bag is one of many options that will make your product stand out in any retail environment.
As one of Block Bottom Pouches manufacturers and suppliers, we have our own design and R&D team, welcome to our company wholesale products.